The Virginia Ready Initiative (VA Ready), is a newly established nonprofit organization formed in response to the economic hardships created by COVID-19.  

VA Ready and its partners – 20 of the Virginia’s Commonwealth’s leading businesses – provide incentives for motivated, out-of-work Virginians to reskill for in-demand jobs in high-growth sectors. Upon achieving their new credential in one of approximately 30 selected training programs, “VA Ready Scholars” receive a $1,000 Credential Achievement Award and are offered opportunities to interview at many of Virginia’s best companies. 

Further partnering with Virginia’s 23 community colleges and their existing FastForward initiative, a state-sponsored workforce credential grant program, VA Ready marries Virginia’s business needs with high-quality, short-term training programs offered by community colleges. Funded through philanthropic donations and company contributions, VA Ready recognizes and rewards student initiative to gain new skills. 

In addition to supporting credential earners with financial incentives, VA Ready business partners, through the VA Ready Talent Task Force, will consult with college leaders to ensure that program offerings and curricula remain focused and relevant to rapidly evolving industry needs. They also participate in the VA Ready Job Exchange and provide job interview opportunities to “VA Ready Scholars”. 

Source: Virginia Ready Initiative

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