Monday, September 21, 2020 2:00 PM ~ 3:30 PM ET

Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) is an approach in which researchers engage youth as full partners in the research process. The approach teaches valuable skills while answering questions about topics youth deem critical. Research data and findings may be applied to policy and practice.  


Thiswebinar(link is external) will discuss the variety of roles youth may hold and the importance of leveraging developmental relationships while conducting Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR). Hear directly from a youth about her experiences with YPAR. Along with this webinar, IWGYP is pleased to announce they will be releasing a Request For Proposals in Fall 2020 for researchers to conduct YPAR working with youth who have or have had an incarcerated parent.




  • Camisha Harrison, Youth who has conducted YPAR and has lived experience as the child of an incarcerated parent
  • Fausto Lopez, Senior Technical Assistance Consultant, AIR
  • Dr. G. Roger Jarjoura, Principal Researcher, AIR