Young Adult Reentry Partnership (YARP) grants will award $25 million to approximately six organizations to provide education and employment training to young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who left high school before graduation, or are currently or have been involved previously with the juvenile or adult criminal justice system. 

YARP grants will support partnerships with community colleges, the criminal justice system and employers, employer associations, unions providing training, or labor-management partnerships and focus on occupations – in industries with high local demand – that offer these young adults living wages. ETA seeks applicants serving communities with high rates of poverty and crime, and those whose programs offer accelerated learning and work-based learning opportunities including registered apprenticeships, and exhibit strong employer partnerships.

Funded projects aim to ensure that young adults transitioning from the criminal justice system are prepared to meet the needs of their local labor markets with the skills required by employers. Applicants must demonstrate that their sub-grantees and community college partner(s) will implement capacity-building in community colleges to support innovative models for accelerated learning for the target population of this FOA.